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Congratulations and celebrations are in order here at Art Gym! 108 films from across 35 countries competed in this year’s European Independent Film Festival, with Art Gym’s ‘Island Queen’ taking Best European Independent Comedy Film 2013! 

Winners can be found here:

We hope David Lynch’s new line of coffee is as good as his shorts, or there could be a lot of this happening. Six men getting sick - a classic.

Art Gym LOVES Gustave Moreau. Next time you happen to visit Paris, don’t rush to the Mona Lisa - opt to visit this late French symbolist’s home instead where you can stare endlessly at works such as ‘Le Toilette’ (pictured above). His paintings are some of the most awe-inspiring manifestations of the artist’s love of mythology and biblical texts. The staircase in the house-turned-gallery is a work of art in itself (see photo).

"I am dominated by one thing, an irresistible, burning attraction towards the abstract. The expression of human feelings and the passions of man certainly interest me deeply, but I am less concerned with expressing the motions of the soul and mind than to render visible, so to speak, the inner flashes of intuition which have something divine in their apparent insignificance and reveal magic, even divine horizons, when they are transposed into the marvellous effects of pure plastic art." - Gustave Moreau

'Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain' is the brainchild of the Barbican and Wellcome Trust bringing you a season of thought-provoking and creative events! We recommend you check it out!

Check out this amazing photograph of our parent company, People Brands, getting their creative juices flowing! Creativity and thoughts unleashed! 


Underwater model Hannah Fraser swims with a whale shark in Oslob, Philippines, for a one-of-a-kind photo-session. The stunt was the brainchild of US photographers Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt.

Picture: Kristian Schmidt / Barcroft Media

Check out these brilliantly angular and graphic representations of Batman, Spiderman and Superman by UK artist Liam Brazier. Dynamic, colourful and full of depth, they are a great interpretation of iconic characters.

Art We Like This Week

The decorative, morbid, genius sculptures of Betozzi and Casoni, in the exhibition, ‘Regeneration,’ delving into the idea of decay in society. Dark and inspired.

Shape and colour remixed to hypnotic effect.


Dev Harlan - Work from “Astral Flight Hangar

(via oxane)

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